Project Description

O’Hare Fuel System Improvement Program (FSIP), FSIP 315.1A South Fuel Transmission Mains, Chicago, IL

Corrosion/Electrical Protection Engineering

Extension of dual transmission mains to vicinity of Concourse E/F Tie-In in support of a future direct feed fuel project.

Two new fuel transmission mains from a point starting on the northwest side of the proposed Central Deicing Facility, south along the western edge of the Deicing Facility and then east to the existing 20″ lines near Concourse G. Prior to the 20″ tie-ins, enabling work is needed to switch the feed of the Cargo Vault to feed off the existing 20″ mains as well as modify controls at super satellite and the East and West pump pad facility.

Responsible for corrosion protection design and electrical engineering support.

Project Details


Oren Skidelsky, P.E.
Charles Lawrence, P.E.


ORD Fuel Company, LLC


Corrosion/Electrical Protection