Facet Engineering provides integrated solutions for our clients across diverse industries, delivering capital efficiency and project certainty.

Company Overview

FACET Engineering is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certified firm concentrating on offering Electrical, Mechanical, Communication, and Traction power engineering services in aviation, water, roadway, infrastructure, and transit industries.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Facet Engineering is to attract leading and experienced engineers in their area of expertise, to provide its clients a unique and strong engineering team with deep knowledge of these industries and their special requirements. Our goal from inception was to recreate a strong firm which would be versatile to serve in multiple markets, as engineering firms once did. To accomplish this, FACET has gathered leaders in our industry, so we can offer the best engineering product to our clients, as well as to train the next generation.

FACET personnel have performed engineering services on many high profile and complex projects in the water/wastewater, bridge, roadway, infrastructure, transit, aviation and facilities sectors, often simultaneously. These projects are led by national engineering firms, which is a testament to the strong, diverse, and unique qualities and capabilities our firm offers.

Our Business

Today, more than ever, due to the current economic climate, the majority transportation and infrastructure projects are funded all or partially with federal funds since the States and Cities are in financial difficulties.

We target the aviation, water, waste-water, transit and roadway projects as well as other publicly funded construction projects.

Our exposure and long standing in the industry has given us many strong contacts and connections with nationally and internationally Prime consulting engineering firms which recognize our strong capabilities and have teamed up with us on many projects.

The main concerns of many Prime consultants are finding DBE firms which offer reliable and strong engineering services. We provide these Prime consultants with the high reliability and engineering services they are looking for.