Project Description

O’Hare Electrical Single Line Diagram Update, Phase 2, Terminals 1, 2, 3, & 5, Chicago, IL

Electrical Engineering Design

Documentation of the electrical distribution circuitry, through the tracing of distribution / end-user panel schedules, circuits and cable/ wiring and conduit connections, from the panels to various currently documented / undocumented equipment.
Provide the CDA a complete diagrammatic record (Updated Single Line Diagrams) of the electrical distribution system and circuit breaker location, including associated panel schedules for end user equipment and the as-installed current conditions of all tenant metering centers located throughout the terminal building areas. Document all meter ID numbers & what tenants they serve; indicate those that have no meters or if they a have shared meter.

Responsible for electrical engineering services, investigation of existing documentation and resolution of conflicting information.

Project Details


Oren Skidelsky, P.E.
John Mirabella
Boris Gorelik, P.E.


Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)